E-commerce website integration

The playing field has changed. According to SocialTimes, the internet generates a staggering $1.2 million in global E-commerce sales every 30 seconds. This is a phenomenon that is not going away. If you sell something, chances are that you'll sell more of it if you offer it on the web.

Most companies already have a website...you pretty much have to nowadays. Why not add the ability to sell your product on the web? It's easier than you think.

I can add E-commerce capability to your website for a surprisingly small fee. I'll provide you with the tools to add, remove and edit your items, with inventory visibility, the ability to offer customer coupons, sale items, configure multiple shipping carriers and methods, and much more. I can also populate the site for you, adding items to your store if you don't have time to do it. Have a whole lot of products? No problem. We can hire offshore resources to provide the labor at a greatly reduced cost.

There are many options. For example, it might be easiest and most cost effective to copy your existing web content to a popular Content Management System and add the E-commerce module. This makes for a seamless look and feel and a responsive (mobile-friendly) website. Another solution is a managed shopping cart, as provided by most web hosting companies. Chances are, your current web hosting provider offers this. I can help you get signed up and set up your store for you.

Google Shopping

It's a great way to sell items on the web. You know those results at the top of your Google results page? Those are really paid shopping ads. For a nominal per-click fee, Google will place your items up there, so your customers can find them. Again, easier than you think.