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A really nice website is a thing of beauty. It can also be very costly, with sites costing many thousands of dollars. Additionally, most web developers insist on maintaining control of the web content, design and layout functions and even the hosting. I've had clients who had a falling out with their webmaster and weren't able to take control of their own domain (website address). To me, this is unacceptable. It's your company name, logo, brand and website; it's all your property. I believe you should have full authority at all times, whether you're utilizing my services or not.

I also believe that a good website is better than no website and a modern, "responsive" site (that means able to adapt to mobile phone screens and other devices) is a must. Most of my clients are working hard to thrive in very competitive environments and are unable to justify spending $10,000 on a ground-up website design.

A great website doesn't need to cost a fortune.

To that end, I offer my web authoring services. I build straightforward, fast, responsive, search engine friendly sites, using templates that have been developed for content management systems, such as WordPress. This allows you to stay on top of the latest web coding standards, update or change content at any time and even edit the pages yourself. I'll work with your graphic artist to implement your logo and other design elements or I'll supply an artist to help with the project.

A functional, responsive website in less than a day.

The portfolio pages on the right are a sampling of what I do. They're simple and fast. They get results through great search engine results without the need for pay-per-click ads, which can be very costly. Some of my customers provide copy for the pages. Others do not. In some cases, I scrape content from their old website, review for grammar, punctuation and flow, and paste it into the new site pages, followed by some formatting. Most end up asking me to write copy for them. We sit down and discuss the business and what we need the website to say and I draft content for each page, reviewing carefully with the client before publishing.

We can help with content, too.

As I mentioned, I can write your copy for you. This includes product descriptions, company information, even your personal bio. On the web, your company and products are only as good as you tell people they are. A little marketing flair goes a long way. Colorful descriptions, along with the right photos will really help sell your business. 

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